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The Top 100 Games Podcast

Apr 28, 2020

Oh man. We're in so much trouble. 

The esteemed Elyse WIllems of Funhaus drops an atom bomb on the Top 100 Games Podcast with Jared Petty. Link, please forgive us. 

Apr 22, 2020

TOO LOW?! Find out! IGN's Mark Medina has played 2,000 hours of Mario 64, and he's here to talk about why it's one of the all-time greats. Welcome to this week's episode of The Top 100 Games Podcast with Jared Petty!

Apr 13, 2020

Mario and company get Squarified in one of the neatest (and ugliest) RPGs of the sixteen bit era. Special guest Gaj Kulasingham dares to wish upon a star road in the week's Top 100 Games Podcast with Jared Petty. 

Apr 6, 2020

Dudes in muscle shirts. Space aliens. The Konami Code. The Maine Man Seth Macy of IGN is our guest as we talk Contra on The Top 100 Games Podcast.